IFBEC Membership Advantages

Promoting Trust in Aerospace and Defence

• Training: IFBEC hosts an annual conference that provides an opportunity to stay current with the latest ethics & compliance challenges. The conference provides an opportunity to share experiences in our industry from a unique international perspective. At the annual conference, subject matter experts address the latest trends in ethics and compliance while considering the impacts for business international markets.

• Recognition: IFBEC provides public acknowledgement that your company has zero tolerance for corruption. IFBEC membership shows that your company supports the rule of law in international business and engages in the global fight against corruption. As a signatory to IFBEC’s Global Principles, membership will enhance the reputation of your company, and enhance the reputation of the aerospace & defense industry as a whole. IFBEC membership can also assist a company that has faced compliance challenges by demonstrating action which responds to the threat of reputational harm.

• Unique Partnerships: IFBEC provides an opportunity to participate in a unique industry-government partnership with the NATO Building Integrity program. IFBEC members offer their perspectives to NATO officials regarding anti-corruption training, assessments of defense establishment integrity programs, through workshops, and by co-developing a good practice guide. This provides IFBEC members the ability to help address industry challenges in the field and gain knowledge that can strengthen member company internal programs.

• Stakeholder Networks: IFBEC leverages the individual strengths of member companies to take collective action on topics of interest, such as developing a code of conduct for international suppliers and commissioning a study of corruption risks in offsets. IFBEC is truly global as its membership includes companies headquartered across Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. IFBEC’s international outlook broadens horizons and is a valuable setting to meet new colleagues, connections, and friends.

• Transparency: IFBEC members must execute a letter agreeing to commit to the Global Principles of Business Ethics for the Aerospace & Defense Industry and the mission of IFBEC, and agree to adhere to the IFBEC charter. By endorsing the Global Principles, each member agrees to promote compliance with the integrity policies of the Company, encourage reporting of concerns without fear of retaliation, and apply appropriate and dissuasive sanctions in cases of non-compliance. This not only improves transparency for individual companies, but establishes a standard that improves the transparency and reputation of our industry.

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